About Us

Dr. Presley-Nelson’s priority is to make it easy and comfortable for people to have dental care. Our office is relaxed, friendly, and sensitive to the fears of the public. We go out of our way to lessen discomfort and anxiety and to help everyone feel good about getting their teeth fixed. We treat everyone with gentle respect and a soft touch. No matter who you are, we know that you are nervous and Dr. Presley-Nelson and Dr. Fung want you to come to us and let us make it easier for you. Kindness and a little bit of light-hearted humor, mixed with respect for how difficult it is to trust and receive care, go a long way in making it feel “ok” for you to come to the dentist.

Besides offering bleaching and other cosmetics plus a full range of dental procedures, we focus on prevention, so that in the long run, the patient needs us less!

In a gentle, light-hearted way, Dr. Presley-Nelson, Dr. Fung, and Kathleen teach patients plaque control. Few people know the secret of Plaque Control. We are dedicated to teaching each patient an easy, comfortable way to disorganize bacterial plaque colonies. We give away, at no charge, much of our time, explaining and training! Did you know that you can be in control of your dental destiny? If you control plaque you will halt dental disease. There is no need to keep getting cavities and gum disease. Come and let us show you! Dr. Presley-Nelson (and staff) can teach you this just as she taught the same concept to dental students at the University of the Pacific for years! At no cost! Not to be missed!

Concerning patient comfort, we would like you to know that we do not use Nitrous Oxide due to the long-term effects. We use oral sedation, acupressure, and other gentle and caring techniques to help you have a pleasant experience. Did you know that humor and adventure audio tapes and CDs can make your dental experience something to look forward to? Dr. Presley-Nelson has an extensive entertainment collection.

We look forward to meeting your family and creating a long term relationship with you. We are known for our “TLC”, tender loving care. We feed your parking meters, make you tea, and listen to your concerns. Come to us. You won’t regret it.