2011 Newsletter


DENTAL IMPLANTS: What to consider?
By Dr. Presley-Nelson

Many patients, today, are confronted with the choice of implants in their dental treatment plans. Perhaps they have had a recent extraction. Or maybe they have had some missing teeth for some time, and want to restore their dentition. Perhaps they have struggles with removable dentures or partial dentures and wish to have more solid functioning. For many reasons, the public needs to be informed about what implants are and how implants can help them. San Francisco periodontist and implantologist, Dr. Paul Speert, reports that “Dental implants are now the treatment of choice in most instances for the replacement of missing teeth, and is one of the most predictable treatments we have in dentistry. They can be done for single tooth as well as multiple tooth replacements. There are very few contraindications.”

Dental implants are artificial substitutes for natural tooth roots. These implants are like a metal screw or rod and are inserted into the jawbone by a periodontist or oral surgeon. Then a prosthesis is built over it by a general dentist, such as Dr. Presley-Nelson or Dr. Fung. That prosthesis may be a crown or a bridge or some sort of removable partial denture or full denture. Occasionally a second specialist, a prosthodontist, may be needed if the case is particularly difficult.

In Dentistry Today Magazine, October, 2007 ,in an article entitled “Implantology”, Dr. Americo Frenando, ’84 graduate of the University of Manitoba, states: “Knowing what is known today about implant dentistry, it is surprising to me that dental schools are still teaching dentists to cut down healthy teeth to replace missing teeth with bridges. A mountain of evidence unequivocally supports that replacement of teeth with implants is the new standard of care.” Here Dr. Fernando seemingly makes the case for implants even stronger.
The procedure to receive implants is performed comfortably, by the periodontist or oral surgeon, with local anesthesia and often IV medication, within their offices, and takes only an hour or two. Then the work is closed up and let heal for some

months. Upon healing, an abutment or small metal piece is installed, which protrudes out of the gum and allows the crown or other prosthesis to be made upon it. Several months and usually 2 dental offices are involved.

The dis-advantages are more time and monetary investment. The advantages are a more life-like restoration that does not harm or rely upon neighboring teeth, and that offers very solid and long lasting support.

To be eligible for an implant, a visit to the periodontist or oral surgeon is necessary to see if you are able to receive one. Quoting periodontist Dr. Paul Speert again, here he relates what he looks for in an implant candidate:

“There are very few contraindications for having a dental implant. One must be in reasonably good health. Diabetics can have implants, but it is important for the diabetes to be controlled. Smoking is not a contraindication although there is a slightly decreased success rate compared to nonsmokers. The main requirement for dental implants is having enough bone. If a tooth is to be removed and an implant is to follow, we will do a procedure to preserve the bone, called socket grafting, and whenever possible, we place the implant at the time of extraction. We call this immediate placement. If the tooth is already missing, and there is a question about whether there is enough bone, we can do a special x-ray called a tomogram (like a cat scan). This gives us a picture of the bone in cross section; from this we can see bone volume, bone density, and locate vital structures that we want to avoid. If the bone is adequate, the placement of a dental implant is a fairly simple procedure with very little postoperative discomfort. In situations where there is an insufficient amount of bone, we have bone graft procedures to create more bone. If we don’t need a lot of grafting, in many cases the grafting can be done at the time of implant placement, resulting in reduced treatment time and expense All in all, we work to make implants a successful choice for you.”

Further reading material is available in the office upon asking. An article comparing the cost, insurance coverage, and viability of a fixed bridge versus an implant appeared in this Newsletter 2 years ago. It can be obtained in the office as well as on line at our website www.Healthy Tooth Team.com.

Dr. Speert maintains that “dental implants are the biggest change to come along in my 36 years of practice. I have been placing dental implants since 1989. There have been many improvements in dental implants, especially modification of the surface that which has shortened the treatment time due to more rapid integration into the bone (called osseointegration). Dental implants are costly, but their long term predictability and desirable results compared to more conventional treatments makes them well worth it. Patients are extremely satisfied with this treatment.” Dental implants are here to stay, and here to serve your dental needs reliably and well.

SENSE OF TASTE: Some reasons why our seniors may not taste their food

As we age, there are a number of changes that can occur which may impair our sense of taste, and our enjoyment of food. These changes include certain diseases and medications, physical changes in the mouth itself, and a number of dental problems as well. Also, related changes in the sense of smell can have a negative impact on the taste of food.
Some of the physical changes that occur due to aging involve a reduction in the number of taste buds on the surface of the tongue. The sense of taste and smell can also be affected by a number of different diseases and certain nutritional deficiencies. In addition, there are hundreds of drugs that can affect the sense of taste. Some of these drugs include Capoten, Lovastatin, and Vioxx, to name a few.

There are also dental problems that can affect the sense of taste. Some of these problems include having a dry mouth (sometimes caused by diseases or medications), gum disease, old leaky amalgam restorations, and chronic bad breath. Moreover, removable dentures can cause irritation of the mouth that may affect taste, and dentures can also create a physical barrier that decreases the tactile enjoyment of food. There are also toothpastes, mouthwashes, and denture adhesives that may decrease taste sensation for some people.

Fortunately, there are many things that seniors can do to combat these taste-reducing changes. The first thing I recommend is a routine dental examination (at least twice a year) and a professional cleaning. All dental infections (cavities and gum disease) as well as other dental problems should be treated as soon as possible. In addition, the dentist may need to prescribe artificial saliva or mouth moisturizers for dry mouth when appropriate. Seniors should also use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush their tongues at least twice a day to remove coatings that block their taste buds. To improve the taste of foods, seniors should consider using spices, seasonings, and flavoring agents (e.g. orange or vanilla), but avoid adding salt or sugar.


The first toothpaste in recorded history was devised by the Egyptians in 2000 BC. it was made from powdered pumice stone and strong wine vinegar.

Early Roman toothpaste used in the first century, was made with human urine. Roman physicians believed that brushing with urine whitened teeth and kept them in their sockets more firmly. Urine was used as an active ingredient in mouthwashes and toothpastes until the 18th century. The urine had cleansing ammonia molecules, that the early dentists were unwittingly making use of for cleaning teeth.



Do you have dental insurance? Please remember you, your employer and the insurance company agreed on your insurance coverage. You picked/agreed to your plan and have been paying premiums for what you agreed would be covered. Your booklet describes what is and isn’t covered and how often, and under what circumstances re-imbursement will occur. We are not in any way connected to your plan. We are happy to send claims to your insurance and to help you as best we can. However, ultimately, your dental insurance contract is yours. Please help us help you with your insurance.

Cancellation Policy
Please give us advance notice when rescheduling or canceling appointments. Notifying us less than 48 hours prior to the appointment will incur a charge of $30 per half hour scheduled. This means if your appointment was one hour, there will be a lack of notification charge for $60. We are not trying to be mean, or non-lenient, but overhead is an on-going issue.

2010 BABIES, wonderful little prospective patients! One day they will have teeth…

Dr. Wendy Fung and husband Steve Heath welcomed baby Vivian, on December 18, 2010. How wonderful to expand our dental office family. On August 27, 2010, John and Elizabeth Regalia were blessed with baby Siena Catherine; The Stork visited Jessica Vann and Faisal Khan bringing baby Kulsum Zahreen Khan on November 6, 2010; On August 9, 2010, parents Caroline Yim and Waiman Tam and sister Amanda welcomed baby Spencer Cooper Tam; Cindy Imhoff-Bruininks and Todd Bruininks had a son, baby Robert Zane Sears Bruininks on October 18, 2010; Grandparents Kathleen A. Johnstone and Joe Johnstone , and Jean Kapka, welcomed twin grandchildren Alina and Lola on June 14, 2010.
Patients Regina Tuohy and Tim Jenkins were visited with bundle of joy, Turner Jenkins, June 25, 2010.

The “Comes From Afar Box”

Often, when people move away, they still remain as patients in our practice and travel one or more times a year to receive their care from us. We so appreciate their efforts and their loyalty that we want to thank them here.

Daniel Briggs from Clear Lake
Bill Bender from Hayward
Carole and Gerald Leikam from north of Marin
Darwin Albers from Paradise, CA
Diane Mibach from Antarctica
Elisabeth O’Connell from London
The Cohen family from Sunnyvale
Lou Zumpano from South San Jose
Mary Johns from Piedmont
Mary Switzer and Bill Haardt from Mill Valley
Melanie Walas from Livermore
Paul Chamberlain from South Peninsula

Peter and Faaoso Vrana and family from Pittsburg, CA
Rex Golding from South Peninsula
Rob Waring from Palo Alto
Steve and Jo Moorehouse from North of Marin
Tanya Kauffman from Alameda
Nancy Husari from Alameda


The ONLY automatic toothbrush we approve is the ROTODENT! It has the right size, shape, and type of bristle and motion! Available in dental offices only with a demonstration in proper, safe usage

Our Away at College Patients Make Time For Teeth!

We enjoy, encourage, and appreciate all you college students who squeeze in a check up and cleaning while you are home on your summer, spring or winter breaks! We love to hear your stories and “catch up”. Call ahead and reserve your spot. This year we enjoyed:

Ally Schneider-Reed – Portland
Andrew Kolchk – Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Bambi Seltinrich – Loyola_New Orleans
Lilly Jeffries – Vassar, New York
Lorenzo Robleto – San Diego
Symon Snyder – Emory Law, Atlanta, Georgia
Nicolai Ahrens – Humboldt State (no permission yet)
Robert Fredenburg – Humboldt State (no permission yet)
James Presley-Nelson – UC Berkeley
Gary C. Presley-Nelson – UOP Stockton
Allie Yu – Rhode Island School of Design
Jenna Yu – Rhode Island School of Design
Mari Novak – UC Santa Cruz
Sergio Robleto – Concordia University Irvine
Rachel Cohen – University of Wisconsin (no permission yet)
And more! Let us know who we missed!

Meter Maid Mania
Those “Parking Police” are on high alert and the tickets are expensive! Please park on side streets when possible and allow time for the long walk! We will try to feed your meters when necessary, but we can’t insure that you won’t get a ticket! We cannot be responsible for ticket costs. We’ll do our best to hear your timer, and run out there, but if you can, use 28th or 27th Avenues.
Thank you so much! The Dental Management

From My Heart to Yours
I confess, I am human, and I sometimes dream of having a big fancy office, with a view and all the latest fandangle and a great big aquarium in the reception area. I think about how with lots of room, I’d bring in specialists so my patients would never have to leave my loving over-sight. Maybe I could even have enough space to house my own Labs…so I could exert even more control for the benefit of my beloved patients. Everyone has daydreams from time to time. When my mind wanders in this direction, I stop and ask myself…would I be as happy? Invariably I come to the conclusion, that it would be hard for me to be happier in my profession, than I already am.
I sincerely hope that all of you will find happiness in this New Year. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for all of you patients and your trust and confidence in me. I look forward to coming to work. I see my day’s roster and smile, anticipating every patient’s cherished visit. It is an honor and a privilege to take care of your oral health and to be your dentist…and your friend.
Dr. Presley-Nelson

Wedding Bells Ring For Our Family of Patients

  • On August 7, 2010, Hilda Moscoso tied the “Nuptial Knot” with Liam Carey.
  • On August 28, 2010, Joanna Crotty married Laxman Dharmani. In a lovely ceremony at St. Cecilia’s Church.
  • On September 25, 2010, Wedding bells rang for Mari McDermott and Jared Simon.
  • Long time patient, Josh English married Jessica Klokow on July 31 2010, in the Quen Wilhellmina Tulip Garden, near the windmill in Golden Gate Park.

Congratulations to our dental patient couples!!


You jokers really brighten our day! Thank you all!
Our winner this year is…..
Linda Shively: This tooth walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender turns his back and walks away. A guy sitting at the counter asks, “Why do you keep coming here? You know they don’t serve teeth.” – “Yeah, isn’t it great?” says the tooth, “I come in here after every meal just to get brushed off!”
Congratulations Linda on a Printable Dental Classic that
You constructed yourself!

Honorable mention:
Barney Crotty: Chinese Soup Diet: you eat it with chopsticks
Danny Yanow: Zebra Bull Pajamas
Boudicca Todi: A funny fact: After the toothbrush was invented, the first face to face dancing came about!…
Kathy Trapani: Bubba and the Gorilla, oh we have gotten many miles out of that one!
Barry Hanson: He found the remote….darn! : > )
Laura Mezirka: Well crafted humor by Laura herself!
Fr. Gerry O’Rourke: He banters humorously with Doc about religion, Lutheran vs. Catholic. The other day Doc called out “I’ll be with you in a moment, I’m back here reading Luther’s Small Catechism!” to which he replied, “Take your time, I’m out here praying to the Saints!”

Regulars: Steve Deutsch, Ruth Oates,,Tom Beeks, Mary Gutekanst, Al Savery, Michel Novak, Harold Yanow ,Mayilyn Brown, Steve Cornell, the Rucks,,the Moorhouses, Sharon Cassidy, Ski Tostanoski, Richard Jann, the Leikams, Steve Reidbord, Walter Meservey, and Bianca Hirsch



Dr. Presley-Nelson and husband Gary are thankful for their blessings and going through another change in life – both boys are in college. James chose Cal Berkeley with Business, and Economics on his mind. He cannot apply to a major until his Junior year but entering the Haas School of Business is his primary direction at this time. Like his brother does at his college, James is playing with the Cal orchestra. We have attended some great performances. Gary Clarke is enjoying his junior year at University of the Pacific. He is still enjoying a business major/econ-pre-law minor. He spent his fall semester abroad at Dublin City University, in Ireland. He had a great time at the school and visited many places within Ireland, as well as in Continental Europe. Husband, Gary still works for Hewlett-Packard. The big family vacation this past year was a road trip to Yellowstone through a great path of many states and cites. This USA beckons the traveler with a fantastic span of lands and views. The family listened to book on tape “Lonesome Dove” about the Wyoming area while traveling.

Dr. Wendy Fung and husband, Stephen Heath have had much to be thankful for in 2010, and have been enjoying their careers and family. They’ve had fun watching their 3 year old grow from a baby into a little girl, and they just welcomed Nora’s little sister, Vivian, into the family about a month ago. Nora is relishing being a big sister and a challenging toddler. Hopefully Vivian will soon learn that daytime is for staying awake and nighttime is for sleeping. With both girls’ birthdays in December, they will have extra festive holidays to look forward to from now on! They wish everyone a happy and healthy 2011
Kathleen O’Connor Hanley and her family had another busy year. Patrick, her husband is happy to be working as the maintenance manager at Alaska Airlines. Ryan is l5 and a sophomore at Riordan High School. He is on the golf team and a drummer in the marching band. The highlight of his year was getting to march in the Giants victory parade with the band. He got to meet some of the players and it was a day he will never forget. Emily is l3 and still trying to decide which high school she will attend next year….stay tuned. She is playing the part of Gonzalo in The Tempest in a few weeks and also still playing trumpet in the school band. The Hanleys wish you all a prosperous and happy new year. Dr. Presley-Nelson is honored to have the best dental hygienist in California taking care of our wonderful patients.

Office Manager, Chisako Tanaka, keeps our appointment book, our accounts and our insurance issues in good order. She would like to note a couple of staff changes. First she’d like to thank Tessa for all her help keeping our office running well administratively and wish her luck in her applications to dental school. Also, Chisako would like to join Dr. Presley-Nelson in welcoming Julia, our new team member, who will help with appointments and data entry. Chisako is our “voice” and our heart in dealing with all our lovely patients, and we are blessed to have her.

Danille Uttley, our long time main chairside assistant is taking a leave of absence to care for her family. She substitutes from time to time. We miss her and hope she will return eventually. Daniel Gee has assumed her post in the meantime. We wish Danielle and her family well.

Daniel Gee has finally graduated from SFSU in May, and went out and bought a motorcycle over the summer. He is having fun learning motorcycle maintenance and riding to work every morning. When he is not at the dental office he spends time practicing and teaching martial arts. He is a very
vital member of our dental team, and has taken over the morning to 2pm role of the Head Chairside Assistant,with its many duties including inventory control, maintenance, and primary assistant in all capacities to Dr. Presley-Nelson. We are lucky to have this fine young man on board.

Our college interns keep our late shift young and perking. Usually pre-dental majors, they each may work only a few hours a week to allow our main dental assistant, Dan, to leave in mid afternoon to teach martial arts. The college students are bright, easy to train, entertaining, and a delightful addition to our office. Their “Staff Personals” are as follows:

Julia Chateauvieux is very excited to be working in our office and joining our team! She graduated on June 3, 2010 from Galileo High School. This is her first job and she eagerly looks forward to all the learning and growing she will experience. She is training to help Chisako with insurance, appointments, and other paperwork. She is replacing Tessa, who will be missed. Julia is so smart! She scored higher on our training exams than many do! During her spare time she likes to draw and practice sketching. She one day hopes to study forensic science or video game design, but for now she is enjoying being a part of our dental office.

While finishing up his last year at San Francisco State University, Cipriano Gudoy will also be starting the application process for dental schools, including studying for the dreadful Dental Admission Test. He kicked off 2011 with a dental outreach trip to Honduras with other SFSU students and dental professionals providing dental hygiene care, proper oral hygiene instructions, some restorative care, and extractions to in-need communities.

Deanna Aguallo attends San Francisco State University, majoring in Physiology. She works the late shift a couple of times a week, She aspires to dental school or dental hygiene school someday, when the bachelor’s degree is done. She also went on the dental outreach trip to Honduras and found it fun and enriching. Outside of school and work she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, watching sports, and staying active. She was able to see a play-off game of the Giants. She also spends time caring for her many pets.

Since Jennifer To’s graduation from UC Davis, she has been assisting once a week to keep us moving along. For the fall semester of 2010, she has been taking more science classes at City College of San Francisco. We are delighted to hear that she had a straight A semester. She is currently applying to dental and hygiene school; hopefully she will be hearing some good news soon. In the meantime, Jen has been playing badminton recreationally. She looks forward to a new year and hoping for some delightful new changes! We value her long service (since high school!) and enjoy her at the office.