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Dr. Presley-Nelson was born in Southern California (Victorville) and was raised in Arizona. She grew up in Tucson and lived in Phoenix in the 70s. She also lived in Arkansas (her parent’s home state) and in Colorado briefly as a child.

Dr. Presley-Nelson met her future husband, Gary, at the University of Arizona. He is from Connecticut. After a long friendship, they married in the mid 70’s.

Graduating from dental hygiene college and working as a hygienist sparked Dr. Presley-Nelson’s interest in becoming a dentist. She and her husband moved to San Francisco in 1979 when she was accepted at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry.

After graduation from University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in 1982, Dr. Presley-Nelson and her husband spent some time in China, where he computerized China’s major universities and she taught at Bejing Stomatological Hospital, the largest dental school there.

Upon return to San Francisco, Dr. Presley-Nelson taught at the University of Pacific School of Dentistry and opened her practice in the Parkside District of San Francisco, on Taraval Street (a few blocks from her house at the time—now they live near West Portal Avenue). Dr. Presley-Nelson taught at the dental school for nearly a decade as an Assistant Professor and also served on the Alumni Board of Directors for 6 years. She continues to be active at the dental school and is in constant pursuit of continuing education. Recently, in 2013 she returned to teaching Dentistry at the University of the Pacific on her days off from the office. She is currently a clinical instructor, monitoring the dental treatment on the clinic floor.

Dr. Presley-Nelson is also active at West Portal Lutheran Church and has volunteered to teach music to children at Golden Gate Philharmonic. She chaired the volunteer committee to refurbish the buildings and grounds of San Francisco School of the Arts High School for 7 years. She and Gary have two sons.

Patients drive long distances to seek Dr. Presley-Nelson’s dental care, and some even fly in from as far as London! She is committed to empowering patients through Plaque Control Education, and is adept at making patients comfortable.









Dr. Fung is helping Dr. Presley-Nelson expand her office hours and provide some much sought-after evening appointments. Dr. Presley-Nelson has confidence in Dr. Fung’s knowledge, attention to detail, compassion, and she has the gentle touch you have come to expect.

Dr. Fung graduated with a D.D.S. degree from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1997. She moved here from Texas to be closer to family and is excited to explore the beautiful West Coast and all that San Francisco has to offer.

She is experienced in all phases of dentistry, and she loves working with children. She is committed and dedicated to the profession of dentistry, having served on the Board of Directors of the San Antonio District Dental Society in Texas. She has also previously been certified to provide dental treatment in an operating room setting at multiple surgery centers in Texas.

She takes pride in providing the best possible service, and she is excited to be part of Dr. Presley-Nelson’s team to serve you.

Outside the office, Dr. Fung enjoys traveling, reading, and running. In fact, her first big race was the San Francisco Half-Marathon.  She and her husband Steve, have two daughters.