Our Staff


Office manager, Chisako, keeps our appointment book, our accounts, and our insurance issues in good order. She keeps all of us busy and provides insight and leadership that is greatly valued. She also knows all about chairside assisting and holds her X-ray License with the State of California. She is like a “Jane of all Trades.” What would we do without her? The hours it takes for her to research every patient’s insurance and keep their accounts straight is immense and we thank her for it. She burns the “midnight oil” for us all and we are grateful. On her own time, she enjoys her nieces and her extended family, and reading.



Daniel, our Head Chairside Assistant has his bachelor’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology and is in charge of our sterilization program. He oversees our young staff, does inventory control, and maintenance, and is a vital part of daily patient care, working long hours at chairside. He takes classes in, and understands the parts and mechanics of our Implant System and keeps that stocked and organized. He is great with computers and helping us implement our new software. He also has been beautifying the office by repainting for the New Year. A man of many talents. Outside of the dental office, he practices and teaches martial arts, even getting film stars ready for the moves they need in their next films. He just tested for his second degree Blackbelt and was promoted in January. Also in his free time he takes long rides on his motorcycle with his buddies.





Annie is majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology at San Francisco State University, and is a Pre-Dental Student. She came onboard over this past year and has learned so much so quickly that we feel very blessed to have her help. She’s covering one evening shift, and is also helping import data into the new software. She’s particularly great with sterilization and infection control procedures, and is always ready with a great smile. In her spare time, she enjoys jigsaw puzzles and trying out new recipes.